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BlueSnail Super Absorbent&Quick Dry Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women, Hair Dry Towel Turban for Mom

BlueSnail Super Absorbent&Quick Dry Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women, Hair Dry Towel Turban for Mom Item NO.: D19050

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US$ 10.50
white brown purple
41''x19'' 41''x24''
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  • Drys quickly and super absorbent. Our hair towel wrap is made of super water-absorbent microfiber material so that it can dry your hair quickly and not frizzy.
  • Easy to use.The button design with the hair towel wrap that make the hair stays in place so that you can do anything you haven' t done in a long time. Machine washable.
  • Soft and comfortable: BlueSnail hair towel wrap is soft and lightweight. This microfiber towel is much gentler than normal towels and causes much less damage.
  • Durable. Our hair towel holds up very well after dozens of uses and washes.
  • Good Choice. Our dry hair hat has two sizes and three colors, any one you want we all have and give your the good choice. Our hair fast dry towel is suitable for most hair types and lengths no matter short or thick wavy long hair .
Product Name BlueSnail Super Absorbent&Quick Dry Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women, Hair Dry Towel Turban for Mom
Item NO. D19050
Weight 0.26 kg = 0.5732 lb = 9.1712 oz
Category Beauty & Personal Care > Hair care
Brand BlueSnail
Creation Time 2020-08-22



I must be in the minority but I am not a fan of the microfiber hair towels and this one is no exception. They leave my hair exceptionally frizzy and kinked all over in off places. I also found this towel to be too large. Once I twist it up and try to secure it, there’s too much length of towel that goes past the button in the back, so it’s too loose and falls off. It didn’t do anything magnificent for drying my hair either. At least not beyond what a normal towel does. The item itself is nice quality. The towel is soft and button well secured. So if this is something you’re into, you won’t be disappointed with this particular product.



Normally I would throw you hair into a regular towel while I got dressed out of the shower. However when I would bend over, it would fall out. This solves that problem. I place my hair in this towel upside down, twist it up, and then hook the loo over the button. It’s amazing. I can then get dressed and apply my skin care products. Now this does not completely dry your hair, but with in about 10-15 minutes, your hair will be semi dry and much easier to finish with a blow dryer or let air dry. I love this so much I bought more as a gift. I also use one on my 10 year old daughter because she has super long hair. I definitely recommend!



I was hesitant to purchase a towel just for my hair - how much better could it be? It's just a towel. But I threw it up into soaking wet hair, it stayed in place and let me go about the house without worrying about a huge towel balancing on my head. Then, I barely had it on for 10 minutes before took it down to dry my hair - and it dried SO much faster! It was amazing. Definitely a worthwhile investment!



Soft and absorbent. Love the lavender color. Gets my hair almost dry quickly so it only takes a couple of minutes to finish off with the blow dryer. Launders well.



Came in a nice storage bag covered by thick plastic. Item itself is very thick and quick in absorbing the moisture. This is a big upgrade for me since I am so used to the small one (compared in picture) . Execution wasn't easy for me. I have long thin hair that runs mid back and I think it could be because how little my hair is that it looks so bulky and I just couldn't wear it right - keep having a thick twist and it just popped on my ear. Not very comfortable wearing experience but does dry hair super fast and doesn't feel wet on the outside which is really nice, since I have to go directly to the bed with my babies and I don't like wetting my pillows. Really good quality, thick and soft hair wrap.



If you never used one of these microfiber towels for your wet hair, prepare to never go back. I really didn't think it could make that much of a difference but it does. I have a ton of hair and this towel draws out so much water so quickly! It's also thinner than a traditional towel so it's easy to wrap around on your head and not feel like you've got an entire giant towel on your head. It's also got a little button closure to keep it secure so you can really move around without worrying about it falling.



This is a wonderful hair towel. It is lightweight but very absorbent. It is easy to launder and dries quickly.



This is a great gift! It is so absorbent that my hair feels practically dry after using it. And if you do plan to gift it, it comes in a great reusable bag! I think anyone would love to have one. I received this product free and am leaving my honest review.



does what it says but isnt as long as pictured.



I have very long hair that reaches past my belly button. I ordered the big towel and it is almost a little too big. I am petite so I think maybe I could have gone smaller. But the towel really has a nice look, quality and material. I am truly surprised by the price as I would expect it to cost 3x as much. I really like this and think it would make a great, inexpensive gift.



This is a beautiful color, ultra soft and more absorbent than a regular towel! My hair was partially dry when I took it off!



I’ve been wanting one of these for the longest time, I tend to walk around with a towel and it falls off or becomes loose but this one is big enough to wrap all my hair and stays in place with the button to secure it. It’s absorbent and soft, doesn’t tug on my hair.



This is very absorbant and great for towel drying hair. It has a button and loop, so you can twist it into a turban. I love the size of this. It's large enough to cover all my long hair. The downside is that it makes it very top heavy when wearing as a turban, especially when wet. It keeps falling off my head. If you have light hair or don't leave it up long, it's great. I just have a lot of really thick hair.

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